Fort Worth

Kimbell Art Museum

This museum has a great selection of art, including pieces from many well-known artists. We really liked the size of this museum as you could see everything in an hour or so and don't feel overwhelmed.

Fort Worth Water Gardens

This is a unique water feature in the heart of Fort Worth. A neat place to relax for a bit.

Sundance Square

This is 35 very walkable blocks of Fort Worth with a ton of food options and other neat things to see.

Included in this is a JFK tribute next to the hotel that he stayed in the night before his death.

Future Items

There's still a lot we haven't seen in Cowtown, and here's a few things in particular we're excited to see in the future

  • Fort Worth Coffee Co.

  • Bureau of Engraving and Printing

  • American Airlines Museum

  • The Stockyards

  • Globe Life Field (Rangers new stadium)