Tallinn, Estonia--Eastern Europe's hidden gem. Most of the city's sites can be found in within the Old Town's stone walls, but be sure to explore outside the walls as well!

Kiek in de Kök Fortification Museum

Hellemann Tower and Town Wall Walkway

Tallinn Town Hall (climb the tower)

Tallinn City Museum

Museum of Photography

Toompea Castle & Riigikogu (Estonian Parliament)

St. Mary's Cathedral

(climb the steeple)

Russian Orthodox Cathedral

KGB Museum

Toompea Hill

St. Katherine's Passage

Long Street

  • Raekoja Plats (Town Square with Lots of Restaurants)*

  • Patkuli Viewing Platform

  • Piiskopi viewing platform

Outside Old Town

Kadriorg Palace (Art Museum)

National Library of Estonia

If you want to fit in, refer to this library by its Estonian name: Eesti Rahvusraamatukogu. Good luck.





Accommodations & Lodging

Food & Dining


For 3-5,

* Free

**Free with Tallinn Card