Ventured to the land of The Sound of Music and Mozart: Salzburg, Austria! I was there for a total of two days; the first day there was completely overcast and rainy and the second was hot and sunny (so...guess who got sunburnt! MEE!). Below are some of the highlights the city offers.


Mirabell Palace


Fortress Hohensalzburg

Salzburg Cathedral

Mozart's Birthplace

(The yellow building)

Plaza de Mozart

Nonnberg Abby

Honorable Mentions:

These are places that we didn't quite make it too, but if you have the time, we'd recommend checking them out!

  • St Peter's Abbey

  • Petersfriedhof

  • Schloss Hellbrun


This time I, with a group of friends, stayed in a hostel. When staying in a hostel, I always look ones with lockers or safes, breakfast options, and private rooms. But for the more adventurous, I hear booking a bunk in a larger room is a great way to meet people from around the world. Just be sure to be aware of your surroundings and lock up anything of value.

This time I stayed in one called Muffin Hostel. It was CLEAN (another must on my list) and I really enjoyed my stay. We had a private room and bathroom that we didn't share with anyone else at the hostel. You could purchase a low-cost breakfast ticket to eat on site as well. It was close by to the city center (and a bus stop), and it actually sits on a UNESCO World Heritage site. However, as far as I know, they are only open from the beginning of July to the beginning of September.


The main transportation here are buses.


For small lunches and snacks, there are tons of small bakeries that sell breakfast (or snack) breads and sandwiches. They're typically inexpensive, so I would get a couple of things, and pack them with me to munch on throughout the day.