Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park

I don't have a lot to say about Acadia except that you should go. There are a lot of hikes and things to see. Park Loop Road is scenic and allows you to see a lot of beauty without even getting out of your car.

We drove from Portland to Bangor to get a good chunk of the driving out of the way. We then got up the next morning and took the one-hour drive from Bangor to the park.

Important: Acadia is not open year-round as many of the roads are not maintained during the winter. Check the NPS site for specific details.

There's also a vast array of hike difficulties, such that you can find one or two that fit your needs perfectly. We were carrying a baby so we didn't get too adventurous. Our recommendation is to talk to one of the friendly park rangers at HQ. Tell them what you're looking for, and they can certainly make some recommendations.

Dress in layers and expect it to be colder than what you would expect. The wind can be brutal.

On the easier side of things:

  • Drive up to Cadillac Mountain. It's a short drive and offers great views of the many small islands going out into the Atlantic. You can also see a small town from there.

  • The Cadillac Mountain Summit Loop: We didn't do this due to high winds, but once you drive to the top, you can hike around up there and take in the view even more.

  • The Jordan Pond Loop: It's six miles long and uneven at times, but not too bad overall. It's a beautiful hike and offers access to the Bubble Rocks should you choose to do those. We even saw a beaver home. While we didn't check it out, there's aslo a restaurant nearby.

  • Ocean Path: There's a part of this trail designated "easy" that is completely flat and offers great views of the ocean and rocky coast. You also go through a cool foresty area at one point.

Ocean Path

Jordan Pond Loop

Jordan Pond Loop

View from Cadillac Mountain