The city of Aachen is Germany's western-most city and sits along the border with Belgium and the Netherlands.

Cathedral of Aachen

One of my favorite sites in this city is it's cathedral, The Cathedral of Aachen. It was Germany's first UNESCO Cultural Heritage Monument. Some of it's _______ include the following:

  • Coronatation location of 30+ German Kings for 600 years.

  • Charlemagne's burial site, as well as Emperor Otto III

  • important pilgrimage church.

City Hall

In Aachen you can also find thier City Hall, which has a Gothic style. It is situated in the old city center. Here, many German kings (32, I believe) celebrated their coronations.

Cathedral Treasury

Cathedral Treasury: "regarded as the most important ecclesiastical treasurey north of the Alps."


Most of the city is accessible via bus, train (called the bahn), or walking. Trains also run from city to city. Stops for buses and trains will have a round yellow sign with a green H inside it (Haltestelle). Bus and bahn tickets can be purchased here: SWB Bus and Bahn.


The trains can be categorized in two ways: the S-Bahn/tram: “Stadtschnellbahn” (city rapid rail), and the U-Bahn: Untergrundbahn (underground train). Bonn only has S-Bahns, although some run underground for a bit.

Be sure to validating your ticket before you begin using your ticket, or you will be fined! There will be a validation booth called a Entwerter.


Buses- always enter using the front door and exit at the rear door.

You can purchase a bus ticket from the bus driver or before your trip. Make sure your ticket is validated (stamped) before you board or right after you board (there will be a small machine on the bus).

If you need a more in-depth explanation, I have found a website called The German Way to be very helpful!

Accommodations & Lodging

I only spent one day here before returning home to my host family, so I unfortunately do not have any recommendations.


I honestly cannot remember where we ate! So sorry!