Czech Republic


So here I am, writing a blog post on a high-speed train with WiFi as I travel back “home” to Bonn from the Czech Republic. Can it get much cooler than that? I think not.

This past weekend, I went to visit Prague for the first time, as suggested by my parents (who went last fall), and I’m so glad I went because this city is like a somewhat-hidden gem on the European continent. The entire city had so much history, architecture, and character, so of course, I ended up with way too many photos. Additionally, I got to ride my first long-distance train, which just so happened to be an item on my bucket list (don’t judge). I had some hiccups with my Eurail pass and ticket not matching up, but so far I’ve managed to get to Prague and will hopefully return back to Bonn without any more issues. My one and only regret is that the train station didn’t stamp my passport :(.

On our first day, in Prague, we focused mainly on hitting the highlights, seeing the streets of the city.

Old Town Square

Astronomical Clock

View Across the Vitava

St. Charles Bridge

Aggies in Prague

Changing of the Guard

So a side note on the perks of being short: There was a huge crowd surrounding the section seen above, which was roped off to prevent on-lookers from getting too close. This made it difficult for people in the back to see (aka, me), but people seemed to notice that I struggled to get my camera above the rows of the taller tourists. One by one, people would motion for me to move in front of them so that I and my camera could see the action. Eventually, I was standing along the front line of people, allowing me to get some lovely shots of the guards.

Prague Castle

On the second day, we took a tour of the grounds at Prague Castle (which included inside St. Vitus Cathedral), and went to look at the Dancing House (a really cool looking office/apartment building that matches none of its surroundings). Before you move on to the images below, prepare yourselves for an endless amount of photos of stained-glass windows.

Prague Castle at Night

St. Vitus Cathedral