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Welcome all!

We're Karson and Emily. Most of the time, we're in the great State of Texas, but we love to explore God’s incredible creation whenever we can. Collectively, we’ve been to 13 countries and over 35 states with plans for many more. When we're not traveling, we enjoy teaching an English as a Second Language class, going for family walks, rooting for the Astros, reading, and eating tacos.

Our favorite places to visit are locations that weren't originally designed to be tourist destinations but instead have become ones by virtue of natural beauty, historical value, or cultural richness. National parks, downtown architecture, and old bookstores are some of our favorites.

Initially, this blog started as an assignment for a study abroad course but has since evolved into a reference site for anyone planning a trip or curious to learn more about the places we've visited. These are our raw opinions so we try to tell you both what was good and what could probably be skipped.

Check out our Travel Tips page for more general advice. We've recently begun the adventure of traveling with a baby, so we share notes on what we have learned thus far. Plus, we're big fans of budgets, so we break down how we travel within our means.

Emily's Top Pick
Bonn, Germany

I traveled to Bonn, Germany as a part of a study abroad opportunity. On my first full day there, our class took a historical tour around the city. For a city I had never heard of before this trip, I was pleasantly surprised with how much history and amazing architecture was within the city limits. Highlights include Beethoven's Birthplace, views of the Rhine, and Schloss Drachenburg and Drachenfels Hill (though a little outside the city). Cologne is also a 30-minute train ride if you're looking for more adventure and German history.

Schloss Drachenburg and Drachenfels Hill

Karson's Top Pick
Hiiumaa Island, Estonia

This and Machu Picchu are easily the most involved places to get to on our blog. Our journey involved a domestic flight, two international flights, a couple of taxis, an international ferry ride, a bus, and then a ferry ride while on a bus! After renting a car, we were finally set to explore the island. Perhaps the anticipation really contributed to the enjoyment. This island is perfect for a one or two-day stay. It's refreshingly peaceful compared to the hustle and bustle of Tallinn. The island boasts three climbable lighthouses (one of them being among the oldest in the world), beautiful beaches, abandoned Soviet bunkers and tanks, and a Soviet military museum. Tip: For breakfast, stop in a Mini Rimi for cheap, delicious pastries.

Kõpu Lighthouse